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Smashmouth Fantasy Football League
  • FFL: Playoff Week 3

    The Franchise 146.00
    BigBlue10 125.50
    Mass Maulers 75.00
    Dazed & Confused 97.00
    AbbyNormals 86.00
    ABC's Bodacious 123.00
    Butt Holio 93.00
    Campello Storm 79.50
    Cheetahs 101.00
    Duck Pondell's 120.50
    Electric Mayhem 106.00
    Grey Dragons 98.00
    Handy Wipes 70.50
    Henley Croix 163.50
    Millennial Chaos 129.50
    Monadock Mud Hens 102.50
    Nortonville Nightwalkers 95.50
    Number Crunchers 122.50
    Orbitz' Tigers 90.50
    Rays 101.00
    Sinista's Armageddon 91.00
    The Executioner 101.00
    Unstoppable Beasts 98.00
    Wyld Stallyns 111.00
  • Standings

    Team WLT
    ABC's Bodacious 13 1 0
    The Franchise 10 4 0
    Butt Holio 9 5 0
    The Executioner 5 9 0
    Campello Storm 5 9 0
    Sinista's Armageddon 5 9 0
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  • Latest Activity

    BigBlue10: 1/26 1:16a
    Grey Dragons: 1/25 10:09a
    Number Crunchers: 1/24 9:21a
    Commissioner: 1/22 2:41p
    Unstoppable Beasts: 1/22 2:40p
    Millennial Chaos: 1/21 8:45a
    Wyld Stallyns: 1/20 10:36a
    The Executioner: 1/18 6:03p
    The Franchise: 1/17 12:51p
    Sinista's Armageddon: 1/15 8:42p
    Duck Pondell's: 1/05 9:48p
    AbbyNormals: 12/31 12:53p
    Rays: 12/30 8:10p
    Butt Holio: 12/30 7:33a
    Electric Mayhem: 12/29 10:25p
    ABC's Bodacious: 12/28 8:47p
    Henley Croix: 12/28 6:41p
    Cheetahs : 12/20 8:01p
    Campello Storm: 12/19 10:36p
    Monadock Mud Hens: 12/14 10:09a
    Orbitz' Tigers: 12/06 12:15a
    Mass Maulers: 12/02 10:18p
    Nortonville Nightwal: 12/01 7:45p
    Handy Wipes: 11/06 12:05p
    Dazed & Confused: 12/10 1:15p
  • NFL: Superbowl

    New England
    Feb 01 6:30 PM
  • Fantasy Football Player Notes RSS FeedPLAYER NOTES

    Tom BradyJan 22 10:12a

    New England Patriots QB Tom Brady is now scheduled to speak to the media Thursday, Jan. 22, and he could come under fire due to the report of deflated [ More ]

    Vontaze BurfictJan 21 09:03p

    Cincinnati Bengals LB Vontaze Burfict (knee) has had knee surgery, head coach Marvin Lewis confirmed Wednesday, Jan. 21. While there has been concern Burfict might have to begin the [ More ]

    Mike WallaceJan 21 09:03p

    Miami Dolphins WR Mike Wallace's future with the team is unclear. General manager Dennis Hickey would not say Wednesday, Jan. 21, whether Wallace will be back or if his [ More ]

    Johnny ManzielJan 21 04:43p

    Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel could benefit from new offensive coordinator John DeFilippo, according to Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr. Carr said DeFilippo will do great with Manziel, adding [ More ]

    Richard ShermanJan 21 04:23p

    Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman (elbow) said he will practice in a brace, but should not have any limitations on gameday.

    Marc TrestmanJan 21 03:53p

    Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Marc Trestman said he wants to learn the specificities of the team's offense instead of changing it. Head coach John Harbaugh said Trestman's familiarity and [ More ]

    Blake BortlesJan 21 03:43p

    Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blake Bortles should be able to develop under new offensive coordinator Greg Olson, according to general manager Dave Caldwell. Caldwell said Olson has the ability to [ More ]

    Blake BortlesJan 21 03:13p

    Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blake Bortles developed bad habits and may need to start over, in the opinion of NFL Films guru Greg Cosell.

    Latavius MurrayJan 21 12:53p

    Oakland Raiders RB Latavius Murray is likely to be the team's lead back in 2015, and new offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave plans tailor his system to Murray's talents. Musgrave [ More ]

    Peyton ManningJan 21 11:03a

    Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning plans to return in 2015, pending the results of his annual physical, according to three sources The Denver Post's Woody Paige trusts. The test [ More ]

    Rashad JenningsJan 21 10:23a

    New York Giants RB Rashad Jennings could have a veteran running back to complement or compete with him next season. The team could possibly add a change-of-pace back and [ More ]

    Trent RichardsonJan 21 09:13a

    Indianapolis Colts RB Trent Richardson was suspended and deactivated for the AFC Championship Game Sunday, Jan. 18.

    Joique BellJan 20 11:23p

    Detroit Lions RB Joique Bell had minor surgery last week to clean up his knee and Achilles' tendon. He is expected to return in time for organized offseason workouts.

    Doug MarroneJan 20 05:33p

    Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley said the team is committed to remaining a zone-blocking team. However, new assistant coach and offensive line coach Doug Marrone didn't use a [ More ]

    Peyton ManningJan 20 05:13p

    Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning remains unsure of his future with the team, but head coach Gary Kubiak said he plans to sit down with Manning and talk about [ More ]

    Tyler BrayJan 20 04:23p

    Kansas City Chiefs QB Tyler Bray (knee) has a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee.

    Marc TrestmanJan 20 03:43p

    Free-agent head coach Marc Trestman (Bears) was hired by the Baltimore Ravens as the team's offensive coordinator Tuesday, Jan. 20. Trestman was previously the head coach of the Chicago Bears.

    C.J. AndersonJan 20 01:33p

    Denver Broncos RB C.J. Anderson, who finished the year with 849 rushing yards, 324 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns, is looking forward to his role in new head coach [ More ]

    Latavius MurrayJan 19 09:53p

    Oakland Raiders RB Latavius Murray could benefit from offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave, who has used a run-heavy style in the past.

    Reggie WayneJan 19 07:03p

    Indianapolis Colts WR Reggie Wayne (triceps) is unsure if he will be returning for another season. Wayne was targeted just twice in the loss to the New England Patriots [ More ]